Making a complaint

Before you make a complaint

Before you submit a complaint, we encourage you to first take the following steps toward informal resolution:

1. Talk to those involved
As far as possible you should seek to resolve your issue informally. Approach the person you believe is responsible and:

  • tell them what the issue is;
  • ask them to stop; or to behave differently
  • where appropriate, keep a written record of this action.

You can do this on your own or with another person as a support.

2. Talk to your student organisation
You may find it valuable to first discuss your issue with a caseworker in your student organisation:

Professional and experienced caseworker staff are available to provide you with free confidential and independent advice, advocacy and support.

3. Talk to the Student Affairs Unit
If you have questions about the complaints process, or would like to discuss your particular circumstances before making your complaint, contact the Student Affairs Unit. Our staff will be happy to have a preliminary discussion with you, and help you decide whether to go ahead with the complaint and, if so, how to proceed.

Make a complaint

If you are unable to resolve your issue through informal resolution, you feel uncomfortable with this step or you consider it inappropriate, you can submit a complaint using our online Student Complaint Form.

If you want to raise a sensitive issue you can:

Email us at
Call us on +61 8627 5559
Call 1800 SYD HLP (option 2 or 3)