The Student Appeals Body (SAB) should take the following matters into consideration when making its decision:

Administrative facts

  • Have the appropriate policies and guidelines and any other legislative requirements been followed by the faculty and the student?

Individual factors pertinent to the appeal, which may impact on the SAB's decision

  • Have the relevant personal circumstances of the student been considered?
  • Has the relationship between the student and the faculty played a part in the outcome of the appeal?
  • Has the student taken personal responsibility for the situation, sought counselling or undertaken additional study?
  • Have there been any changes in the student’s working hours, financial situation or study load which would result in better performance?
  • If a student was applying for readmission, had they actively undertaken any further studies, e.g. Summer School?
  • Has the student abided by any conditions set by the faculty since their exclusion?

After consideration of the administrative facts and any individual factor pertinent to the case, the SAB may uphold or dismiss a student’s appeal, and in its absolute discretion:

  • refer the academic decision back to the relevant faculty for reconsideration in accordance with due academic process or
  • make a new or amended academic decisions or
  • determine that no further action should be take in relation to the matter.

The decision of a SAB is final.

Where a decision of a SAB panel reveals a systemic or other serious failure by the faculty to observe due academic process, the Chair of the SAB will send a copy of the decision to the Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor for consideration and action.