The stages of the appeal hearing are:

(1) Prior to the hearing:
The student and faculty submissions and a copy of the student's academic transcript will be distributed to the Student Appeals Body (SAB) panel, the student and the nominated faculty representative.

(2) During the hearing:

  1. Members of the SAB will address questions to the student, the student’s representative and the faculty representative.
  2. Once the SAB is satisfied that any questions or additional information they required from either the student, the student’s representative or the faculty representative have been addressed, they will be asked to leave.
  3. The SAB will then deliberate and make its decision.

(3) The decision of the SAB:
The SAB will make a judgement on whether or not due academic process has been followed by the faculty.

'Due academic process' is defined as “adhering to faculty and University policy in a fair and consistent way and ensuring that said policy is well communicated and easily accessible to staff and students of the University”.