Stage 3

If you appear on an academic progression report for a third time without an intervening period of satisfactory progress (see reversion details below) or if your faculty Dean believes it necessary, you will be placed on stage 3 of the academic progression register.

At this point, you are required to write a letter to the faculty showing good cause why you should be permitted to continue in your award course.

You need to include any supporting documentation that attests to why you did not meet the award course requirements. Read more about the show cause requirements, including examples of supporting documentation you may want to include.

A 'show cause' letter is NOT a substitute for a Special Consideration or Special Arrangement application. If you believe your circumstances warranted a Special Consideration or Special Arrangement, those applications should have been lodged and determined prior to the stage 3 notification.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should continue to attend classes during the 'show cause' process.

Your faculty will inform you in writing as soon as practicable the outcome of your show cause letter and may:

  • permit you to re-enrol, or
  • permit you to re-enrol with restrictions, or
  • exclude you from your degree for a period of four semesters.

If your faculty has permitted you to re-enrol, or permitted you to re-enrol with restrictions and you are placed on the academic progression register in a subsequent semester, you may be asked to 'show cause' again.