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Academic progress

At the end of each semester we check your academic progress to make sure you’re meeting the requirements of your course.

Academic progression requirements include:

  • achieving a semester average mark of at least 50 percent
  • meeting attendance requirements
  • passing compulsory units of study, field work, clinical work, practicum or other professional experience.

Find out more about academic progression requirements in our Coursework Policy 2014. Faculty- and course-specific requirements are available in the resolutions in your faculty handbook.

If you’re a research student, you will complete an annual progress review to make sure you’re on track to meet your degree requirements.

Unsatisfactory academic progress

If you haven’t met your academic progression requirements at the end of a semester, you will be placed on the academic progression register. We highly recommend you attend a Staying on Track session to help with your progression.

We also recommend that you speak with an academic adviser in your faculty if you’re worried about your academic progress during semester. You can also seek help and advice from a range of support services at the University, such as the Counselling and Psychological Services and Disability Services.

If you don’t agree with a decision about your academic progress, you can make an appeal.

If you’re an international student and are not meeting your course requirements, the University is required to notify the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. If you’re worried about your academic progress, contact our international compliance officers.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences holds academic progression advice sessions throughout semester.

Register for a session.

All units of study offered by the Business School can only be undertaken three times. If you fail a compulsory or core unit three times, you cannot meet your degree requirements and you will need to withdraw from your program or be excluded from further study within the Business School.

To arrange an appointment to discuss your academic progression, please send an email to

If you have questions or concerns about your academic progression, email the Engineering Progression and Appeals Officer at

If you fail a unit of study, you need to repeat it at the earliest opportunity.

If you fail two clinical or professional fieldwork units of study, you’ll be required to meet with the Associate Dean, Work Integrated Learning, to discuss your enrolment options.

Academic advisers may prescribe an enrolment plan if you’re repeating failed units of study, taking into account the non-standard study load and timetable difficulties.

If you’re struggling with a particular unit of study, contact your unit of study coordinator. If you have general concerns about your academic progression, contact an academic adviser.

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