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Change your course

If you decide to change what you’re studying you may be able to transfer your course internally. 

You will always apply directly to the University but the application process can vary depending on what you’re studying and the new course you are considering.

Before you apply

Get some advice

Speak to a faculty or school adviser first about options within your current degree. You may be able to re-structure your units to avoid a transfer. If you decide that a transfer is the best course of action, your faculty or school can advise you about options.

See your handbook

If you decide to transfer, you may be eligible for credit for previous study to carry across to your new degree. See your course resolutions to understand what you may be able to receive credit for and how this will affect your course progression.

If you would like to change your research degree, you should discuss your options with your supervisor. They can provide advice about the options available and any requirements to transfer. You can also contact the Higher Degree by Research Administration Centre (HDRAC) for further information and advice.

If you’re an international student you should consider how transferring your course may affect your student visa.

If you are receiving a scholarship or other financial assistance from the University, make sure you’re aware of your financial responsibilities before you apply for a course transfer. You need to contact the Scholarships Office at to discuss any changes you make to your current course.

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