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Class timetables

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Clashes and help with your timetable


A clash on your timetable means that there are two or more classes scheduled at the same time, and there are no alternative times for those classes.

We will allow you to choose units of study where classes clash, but it’s up to you to make sure you can still complete the requirements of the unit of study where you miss the class. We encourage you to consult your unit of study coordinators about your options. Your unit of study coordinator is generally listed in the unit of study descriptions in your handbook.

To remove a clash on your timetable, you’ll need to change your units of study.

Be aware that we will not create a clash on your timetable if you can have a timetable without a clash.

Difficult clashes

A difficult clash means there are two or more classes scheduled at the same time. Alternative times are available for these classes but no matter what time you select there will still be a clash. We therefore need to manually choose the clash that will best suit you.

Each day, we check for difficult clashes. We will select the best clash and email you an updated timetable as soon as possible (this process can take up to a week). Your updated timetable will still include at least one clash.

If after receiving your timetable you are unhappy, reply to the email to further discuss your options.


There are a number of reasons why you might be unable to see your semester timetable.

There are several reasons why this could happen, such as:

  • a class has no alternative times
  • classes at alternative times are full
  • moving to another class will result in a clash on your timetable
  • there are departmental restrictions on who can attend specific times. For example, you need to attend a lecture before your weekly tutorial.

If you've checked your unit of study selections and enrolment in Sydney Student, try recollecting your timetable (select 'Recollect new timetable').

We can't return your timetable to a previous version. However, you may be able to obtain your previous class times by customising your new one.

To view your timetable without it changing, select 'View current timetable'.

Your timetable may become invalid because a class you were allocated to has been cancelled, its time has changed, or you have added new units of study. If this is the case you should recollect your timetable (select 'Recollect new timetable').

Further assistance

If you have special circumstances that mean you can’t attend your allocated classes, you should first try to customise your timetable

In most cases, if you can’t make the required changes this is because classes you want to join are full and changes can’t be made.

If you have special circumstances that are not flexible, such as fixed work commitments, you can contact us and we will try to find a solution. Be aware that in general if you can’t make the change yourself, we usually can’t make a change either.

If you contact us about your timetable, make sure you include:

  • your Student ID number
  • the class you are attempting to change
  • a brief statement outlining why you would like the change.
    Your statement needs to include the contact details of the most appropriate person to verify your situation. For example, your employer, work hours and the contact details of your supervisor if you are requesting a change due to work commitments. Your request will not be considered without this information, and by providing it you authorise us to contact the nominated person to verify your situation.

We may also request additional supporting documents where needed.

The following reasons are not considered special circumstances for the purpose of changing your timetable:

  • you would like to be in the same class as a friend
  • you want/don’t want to be in a class with a particular teacher
  • you have sport commitments (if you’re an elite athlete, contact the University’s Elite Athlete’s Program staff)
  • you would prefer alternative classes but have not provided a statement outlining why
  • you would like to attend classes on a limited number of days

If you have disability requirements that need to be accommodated in your timetable, you can register with Disability Services. We can then offer you a range of support services and address your timetable needs.    

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