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Handbooks and course rules

You need to be aware of the rules and unit of study requirements needed to complete your course. You can find this information in your faculty or school handbook, as well as the policies and procedures related to your study at the University.    


You will find information on the course rules and unit of study requirements specific to your course in your faculty or school handbook.

When planning your studies, refer to this handbook to make sure you meet the specific requirements for your course. Course requirements can change over time. However, for the duration of your course you need to follow the rules in the handbook from the year you commenced your course.

Navigate to the section on your course for information on its structure. This may include:

  • the total number of credit points required for completion
  • the way credit points need to be attained, for example the maximum number of junior credit points
  • requirements for a major
  • core units of study to be completed
  • elective unit of study options
  • progression information
  • course rules.

If you don’t have a set program, refer to the information on subject areas. The requirements for a major in each subject area are outlined, including the units of study that you will need to complete.

In the handbook you will find detailed unit of study descriptions, including when the unit is offered, the credit point value, assessment types, teaching mode and any prerequisites or corequisites. The current year’s handbook provides up-to-date information on the units of study available. 

Make sure you check the updates to handbooks to view any changes that have been made.

University policies

The Coursework Policy 2014 and associated Coursework Rule provide the framework for all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework courses.

For research students, this is provided in the University of Sydney (Higher Degree by Research) Rule 2011

Last updated: 30 June 2017


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