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Planning your units of study

Academic advice

Before you choose your units of study, check for any faculty-specific information relevant to you and consider attending an academic advice session.

The school will be holding two sessions in Semester 2, where you can receive school specific enrolment advice from Student Advisors.

Date Time Location

Thursday 27 July


Wilkinson Building

Level 2, Hearth

Darlington Campus

Tuesday 1 August


Wilkinson Building

Level 2, Hearth

Darlington Campus

To help plan your first semester of study, you should visit the faculty or school’s Course planner.

Here you will be able to look at the majors and/or units of study available to you, plan your year and view possible degree pathways.

Throughout your studies you can contact your course adviser or coordinator for academic advice and help planning your degree. If you are an undergraduate student, contact your academic undergraduate student adviser. If you are a postgraduate coursework student, contact your course coordinator.

Academic advice sessions

The faculty runs academic advice sessions throughout the year. At these sessions you can receive one-on-one advice from academic staff and student advisers about how to select units that complement your interests as well as your future academic and career aspirations. You can also find information on accepting your offer, online enrolment, flexible study options and credit for previous study.

If you'd like to attend one of these sessions you will need to fill out the registration form.





Wednesday 2 August


Lobby H, level 2

Quadrangle Building

Camperdown Campus

Friday 4 August


Lobby H, level 2

Quadrangle Building

Camperdown Campus

If you’re undertaking the Bachelor of Education, make sure you look at the unit of study selection guide specific to your program.

To help decide which unit of study to enrol in, visit the faculty’s course planner Course and unit of study portal (CUSP).

For details on your program’s structure and timetable, go to your course information below.

If you need further academic advice, you can make an appointment with a student adviser:

If you are unsure which unit of study to choose after looking at your handbook, you can contact your course team (pdf, 78KB).

Note that you may be required to undertake PUBH5018 Introductory biostatistics if you are enrolled in one of the following programs:

  • Public health
  • International public health
  • Clinical epidemiology
  • Surgery.

If you are not confident with your maths ability at the intermediate high-school level, you are encouraged to undertake a Public Health Statistics bridging course in February.

If you would like academic advice during your studies, please contact your program leader.

If you are enrolling in the first year of a combined degree, you only choose units from your undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Health Sciences or Bachelor of Science).

For academic advice, you should contact the relevant academic advisor for your course.

If you’re enrolling in the Graduate Certificate in Pharmacy Practice, there are two streams for different applicants.

Intern Pharmacists / Intern Training Program

If you’re an intern pharmacist, you only need to enrol in PHAR7111 Pharmacy Intern Training A and PHAR7121 Pharmacy Intern Training B.

Registered Pharmacists

If you’re a pharmacist with general registration, you need to enrol in up to four of the following units:

  • PHAR7110 Fundamentals of Contemporary Pharmacy Practice
  • PHAR7112 Medications Management
  • PHAR7113 Cardiovascular & Renal
  • PHAR7122 Mental Health
  • PHAR7123 Diabetes Mellitus

If you’re an undergraduate student and need assistance with course planning, you can submit a degree plan and make a booking with an academic adviser (pdf, 354KB).

If you’re an honours or postgraduate research student, you should make an appointment with your supervisor. If you’re a postgraduate coursework student, contact your degree coordinator.

Graduate Diploma in Psychology - Year 1

If you're enrolling in your first year of the Graduate Diploma in Psychology and have completed the PSYC1001 and PSYC1002 equivalent units of study outside the University of Sydney, you are unable to enrol online. To be enrolled, please contact with the unit(s) of study you intend to enrol in.

Commencing Master of Moving Image students should contact the course co-ordinator, Stefan Popescu at, for academic advice and help with planning their degree.

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