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Each year, the University recognises students’ academic achievements through a number of prizes and awards.

Generally, you don’t need to apply for these prizes. Faculties or schools will decide whether to nominate you based on your mid year and final year academic results.

We will contact you at your University student email account if you have been awarded a prize. The prize will be included on your official transcript.

Find out more about the prizes we award each year.

Literary prizes and the Wentworth Medal

Each year we award the Wentworth Medal as well as many different literary prizes. These prizes are given for different literary formats including, poetry, English verse, and historical essays.

You will need to submit an application to be considered. This will involve the submission of a written piece on a selected topic under a nom de plum (a pen-name).  

Find out about the prizes available, eligibility and how to apply.

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