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Research progress

Planning throughout you candidature is important to keep you on track at each stage of your research and writing. Creating a progress plan will help manage your progress and expectations about what’s required to achieve your degree.

Progress plans

You are responsible for creating and maintaining an individual progress plan. This provides a framework to help you structure your research and meet important milestones.

You should discuss your progress plan with your supervisor(s) to identify your goals for the coming year. They can provide more information about individual milestone and activity requirements. This can help you keep your degree on track and help you to submit your thesis on time.

Your plan will be reviewed twice yearly, once in preparation for your annual progress review. If any material changes are made, you’ll need to resubmit your progress plan. Refer to the Progress Planning and Review Policy for information on material changes.

Create your progress plan

  1. Download your faculty template from the list below.
  2. Save the template to your desktop, with the name Student ID_progressplan_V1. For example, 4016123456_progressplan_V1.
  3. Create your progress plan in consultation with your supervisor. Review the milestones and associated activities, update dates and add new milestones or activities where appropriate.
  4. Submit your completed plan to your supervisor for endorsement and keep a copy for your records. You can update your plan at any time as needed.

Progress plan templates

Maintain your progress plan

You will submit your progress plan as part of your progress review each year. Make sure you keep your plan up to date and consult with your supervisor to make any necessary changes.

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