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Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Tap into a network of learning and social support
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We offer culturally safe study spaces, academic workshops and ongoing private or group tuition.

We provide alternative entry, assistance and support to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students throughout their university journey. From admissions to graduation - including pastoral care, advocacy support, mentors and faculty staff, we can also provide referrals and tutorial assistance. 

Contact our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Support Officers by phone 02 8627 8619 or email

Before you start your degree, you can join the two-week Academic Skills workshop as part of your program. You’ll learn time management, academic writing, research and critical thinking skills, and you get to meet other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Cadigal alternative entry program entrants are automatically pre-enrolled in the course.

Once you start, you’re also entitled to individual or group tuition each week through the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS).

Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS) 

ITAS is available to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander undergraduate students, and postgraudate coursework students on a case by case basis.

The best part about ITAS is that it’s not just for those times you’re having difficulties – you can take advantage of it throughout your degree.

Once you apply, you’ll be matched with a tutor who meets with you for an agreed amount of time each week.

Please note: no tutoring can commence until approval has been given by the ITAS Coordinator.

For more information about ITAS, including eligibility criteria and how to submit your forms, read the ITAS student guidelines or contact the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Support Officer (ITAS).

Contact details:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Support Officer
Phone: +61 8627 8650

Culturally safe spaces

The Old Teachers College at our main Camperdown campus offers a supportive study environment with computer access, printing and photocopying facilities, a common room and kitchen facilities, a tutorial room, photocopying, printing and computer access. The research library housed in the Old Teachers College is open from 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Also on the Camperdown campus in the Edward Ford Building, is an Indigenous Student Room for Sydney Medical School students.

On Cumberland campus (Faculty of Health Sciences), the Yooroang Garang Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Support Centre has two study rooms, a student kitchen and lunchroom, 12 computers, photocopying and printing facilities.


Old Teachers College

Room 219A, Level 2 (Ground Floor)
Manning Road, Old Teachers College Building

Yooroang Garang

Level 4, T Block
East Street, Lidcombe

Become an ITAS tutor

Keen to pass on your skills and experience? Why not become an ITAS tutor yourself. You'll get paid and have something great to put on your resume.

If your application is approved, you'll be added to our database. Once you've been matched with a student or group, we'll send you a contract listing the subjects for which you will provide tutoring, pay rate, contract dates and maximum hours.

Your contract will be for two hours per subject per week from the start of the tuition for the remainder of either the semester or year.

If you're interested, you can take a two-hour cultural competency training session during semester.

For more information, read the ITAS tutor guidelines.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Guide

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Adam Ridgeway

"The most important thing I've realised is that tutoring is not for people who are failing. It is for people who want to achieve and perform at a higher level than they currently are. ITAS has been crucial for me in reaching, maintaining and pushing my results."