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Disclosing to Disability Services

What's involved and what happens then

You need to disclose to the University that you have a medical condition or impairment only if you require education-related adjustments (reasonable adjustments) or support.

What is disclosure?

Disclosure is the formal process of telling our Disability Services office about your disability.

In general terms, it might mean:

  • educating someone about your disability or impairment
  • telling someone about the impact of your disability or impairment on study and how you do things successfully
  • telling someone about your learning style
  • providing documentation about your disability or impairment
  • talking to another student about your disability or impairment.

Should you disclose?

Your disability may have no effect at all on your studies at university, or the impacts may be such that you choose to manage your circumstances without additional assistance.

However, if you would like to access academic or environment-related adjustments, disclosing enables us to determine what kind of assistance could be most useful to you.


Telling Disability Services about the nature of your disability or impairment doesn’t mean you’re telling everyone on campus.

Disability Services never discloses your diagnosis to University staff, but instead refers to the impacts of your condition when communicating with your faculty to organise and implement support.

We will only confirm that you have registered with us if it’s necessary to make reasonable adjustments. If your faculty doesn't need to know, it won’t be told.

Privacy and mandatory disclosure

Under some circumstances, we may need to disclose your personal or health information to an external organisation or person. We will only do this if:

  • the disclosure is required by law, such as an Act of Parliament, subpoena, warrant, or other legal instrument
  • your express consent has been obtained for the disclosure
  • the University reasonably believes that disclosure is necessary to lessen or prevent a serious and imminent threat to your life, health or safety, or of another person, or a serious threat to health or public safety.

To protect your privacy, we keep any information we have about you secure and separate from any other student information held by the University.

We provide demographic data about access, participation, retention and success of students with a disability to government, as a requirement of receiving government funding to assist students with disabilities.

This information is linked to your student ID number, but not to your name or contact details. The demographic data we disclose is from your enrolment records and only covers the period of your candidature.


In order for the University to provide adjustments or services, all students registering with Disability Services need to read and acknowledge the following documents: