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How to accept your offer and enrol

You're just a few steps away from joining us. Read our checklist carefully to understand how to complete your enrolment.

Get started

We'll email you when enrolment is open. Here's what you need to do.
Get your paperwork ready, including your contact details, Australian Tax File Number (domestic students only), and full details of someone we can contact in an emergency. If you’re an international student and don’t yet have a permanent address, you can still enrol. However, you will need to contact us to confirm your new address within seven days of arriving in Australia.
Check your Tax File Number
Check if there are any additional checks or clearances required before you start your course.
Read about course-specific checks and clearances
Read your faculty's student handbook to understand your course rules, and decide on your units of study (if applicable).
Visit handbooks online
Log in to Sydney Student and enrol. You’ll need to select your units of study (if applicable) and upload a photo for your student card. You can exit your enrolment at any time and return to the same stage later to complete your enrolment.
Log in to Sydney Student