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Changing universities

Transfer from another Australian university

Domestic students are welcome to apply for a transfer to the University of Sydney at any point during their studies at another Australian university.

Most of our undergraduate degrees are open to transferring students from other universities and colleges.

Your application will be assessed on your ATAR or university results – whichever gives you the best chance of receiving an offer. Your university results will only be considered if you have completed at least one full-time year or equivalent a single university course.

If you’re continuing your studies in a similar or related area, you may be able to apply for recognition of prior learning. For example, you could start your second-year subjects with us, and have your first-year subjects from another university credited as recognised prior learning towards your current degree.

How to transfer

You’ll need to reapply in September for a start date in Semester 1 of the following year.

Much like applying straight from high school, you need to re-register with the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) and select your course preferences.

This time around, as long as you have at least one full-time year or equivalent of tertiary study in a single university course, both your university results and your ATAR will be considered – whichever gives you the strongest chance of receiving an offer.

Credit for previous study

Related study or work experience can be credited to your degree. If you’ve already completed university-level subjects or have relevant work experience, you may be able to get credit for previous study. This means you won’t have to repeat similar units and could graduate sooner.

When your faculty assesses your application for credit, they will be looking for study or practical experience equivalent to the skills, knowledge and understanding you’d otherwise get during your degree. Visit the Current students website to find out about types of credit and how to apply.

Frequently asked questions

Can I transfer into any course?

Almost any. You can apply to transfer into any of our courses except combined medicine.

Can I apply at any time?

Yes, but you will need to have studied at least one full-time year (or equivalent) in a single course before your university results will be considered.

Will my previous studies go to waste?

Not necessarily. Once you’ve accepted your offer and enrolled, you can apply to have credit from your previous subjects put towards your degree at Sydney. However, there are limits on how much credit you can receive. (See Credit for previous studies.)

Am I better off finishing the year where I am studying or transferring straight away?

That depends on your situation. If you want your university results to be considered in your application, you need a full-time year of results in a single course. You can apply on the basis of your secondary results if you want to start here sooner.

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