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How it works

Broaden your horizons and experience new cultures

Students from around the world are invited to apply for a year or semester of study at the University of Sydney. We also offer exchange programs with 300 partner universities.

How would you like to discover Sydney while studying with us for one or two semesters? That's what we offer inbound international students with Sydney Abroad, our study abroad and exchange program.

If you're already enrolled and studying here at Sydney, you can take advantage of the outbound International Exchange Program to explore the world and study at one of our 300 partner universities.

As a study abroad or exchange student, you’ll have the chance to become fully immersed in a new culture, go beyond your comfort zone and make friends and memories for life.

We invite any current or past study abroad and exchange students to join our Facebook group, Mates Abroad. It's a great way to meet people and learn about our social events.

Our International Exchange Program enables you to graduate with a truly global perspective.

Your studies overseas will be credited towards your degree at Sydney.

You’ll continue paying your tuition fees and SSA fee to us, and your host university will send a student to Sydney to take your place – so it’s quite literally an exchange between universities.

Some of our partnership agreements are open to students enrolled in any degree, while others are open to specific disciplines only.

Faculties such as Law, Business and the Sydney College of the Arts also manage some international partnerships independently.

To apply, you’ll first need to attend an Exchange Information Session in person. This will help you understand whether you are eligible, where you can go, and how to apply.

Application processes, deadlines, eligibility criteria and the finer details vary from one institution to another so we recommend you refer to the exchange brochure for your chosen host university. Be prepared to apply 12 months before you would like to travel on exchange. For example, if you would like to start in Semester One, you should be prepared to apply in April of the previous year.

While you're on exchange, we'll ask you to complete feedback surveys, and you may need to use our forms to adjust your enrolment.

Every year, we welcome hundreds of students from around the world through our study abroad and exchange programs.

You can study with us for a semester, or for a full year of your degree.

The Sydney Abroad program allows you to enrol and pay your semester’s fees to us. If you come as an exchange student, your fees are paid to your usual university while you study at Sydney.

If you’re enrolled at one of our international partner universities, you’re eligible to apply for exchange. However, Sydney Abroad is open to any student enrolled at any recognised institution around the world – you don’t need to be at a partner institution to access our world-class teaching and learning experience.

You can apply directly to us or via one of many program partners.

If you are interested in completing your whole degree with us as an international student, find out how to apply over here.

Gobinath Pillai Rajarathnam

Bachelor of Engineering, Imperial College London, UK
“For some people, spreading their wings and taking flight is a dream. The way I see it, going on exchange was like learning how to fly, and doing it at Imperial was like learning how to fly in an F16. Absolutely exhilarating and awesome.”