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How to apply

What to consider during the application process

A successful application to study abroad takes preparation and research. We recommend planning your trip well ahead of the departure date. Start today by getting your application ready.

Inbound students (coming to Sydney)

You can apply to us directly or via our range of partnerships and registered University of Sydney agents, who may be able to lodge your application on your behalf.

If you've been nominated for exchange by your university or institution, or you are applying directly as a Sydney Abroad candidate, you can submit your application online, as outlined below.

Please check your eligibility before you apply.

Admission to the exchange program is not automatic and we will assess each applicant against the various requirement.

If you are interested in the Study Abroad Internship Program, please indicate this on your application form at the appropriate section.

Undergraduate students

Apply online through Find a course. We have some hints to help you complete your application.

Study with us for one semester:

Study with us for two semesters:

Postgraduate students

If you are a postgraduate coursework and research applicant, you need to have completed the equivalent of an Australian bachelor’s degree. You will also need to provide your academic transcript as part of your application.

Research applicants also need to include a one-page research proposal, along with written confirmation of support from a supervisor both at the University of Sydney and your home university. You can look for a research opportunity or a potential supervisor using Research Supervisor Connect.

We invite you to apply through Find a course. We have some hints to help you complete your application.

One-semester programs:

Two-semester programs:

If your research period with us will last less than a semester, our human resources department will handle your application. You can also contact your intended supervisor for more information.

Application deadlines

The academic year in Australia begins in early March. Applicants intending to start in first semester should apply no later than 30 November the year prior.

If you plan to start in July for the second semester you need to apply by no later than 30 April.

Application deadlines

Study abroad students (inbound)

  • To start in March semester: 30 November
  • To start in July semester: 30 April
  • To submit an expression of interest for a study abroad internship: late January for March intake