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Short-term overseas programs

Make the most of your time off between semesters

A short-term program offered in the summer or winter period is a perfect opportunity to see the world during your studies and experience life abroad.

If the requirements of your current Sydney course won't allow you to spend an entire semester overseas, a short-term program may still allow you to combine study and travel.

Overseas programs can run from two to six weeks during the January and July breaks at our partner universities around the world.

You can receive credit for your studies as long as you remain fully enrolled in a faculty-approved program of study. Fee-waived places are available under the exchange agreement, with some exceptions.

Short-term programs abroad are open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students who have completed at least one year of study with a credit average (65 percent or higher).

Selection criteria

Familiarise yourself with the rules and restrictions of short-term programs
You need to have completed at least one year of study in your current degree before applying for a short-term program overseas. Some only accept undergraduates in third year.
You will need at least a credit average (65 percent or higher) in your current degree.
You will need sufficient elective credit available in your degree.
We invite international students to apply; however, you cannot go on exchange to your home country.
As part of your application assessment, your home faculty will assess your eligibility to participate and whether the subject you have chosen can be approved for credit. Other units of study may be approved in consultation with your home faculty.