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Arrive to class in the right place, at the right time

Your personalised timetable will be administered via MyUni at the start of semester. Here’s our guide to collecting and customising your schedule.

To balance class sizes and minimise clashes, we allocate students to a specifically scheduled tutorial, lab and lecture period for all centrally timetabled units of study.

Your personalised unit of study timetable is available via MyUni. It lists the location, time and the duration of each class.

Semester 1 timetables will be available on 12 February 2017. 

You can also check the central timetable if you don’t yet have a personalised timetable – search using the unit of study code to see a list of times and venues for classes.

Customise your timetable

Each semester you can use the personal timetable page within MyUni to make changes to your timetable. Changes can be made up until the end of week 1 and at any time of day other than between 2am and 4am.  

You can customise your timetable in three ways:

  • block out times you'd like to keep free
  • preselect classes you'd prefer to attend
  • change a particular class.

These preferences can't be guaranteed, but will be taken into account when assigning your timetable.

Once semester is underway, changing classes is more restricted. Contact us if you require changes after week 1.

Find out more about customising your timetable.


Troubleshooting information is available on the personal timetable page if you have trouble viewing or customising your timetable, or experience a timetable clash. Here you can also find out about viewing your timetable in calendar applications. 

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