Parents Facilities

Facilities for parents around the Darlington/Camperdown campus are maintained by the University of Sydney and the University of Sydney Union and can be found in the following buildings:

Wentworth Building

A baby change room is located on level 3 of the Wentworth Building. There is also a baby change table located in the Female toilets on level 2 of the Building. The University of Sydney Union maintains these facilities.

Manning House

The Women's Room is located on Level 1, Manning House. This room is suitable for breastfeeding.

Holme Building

A baby change table can be found in the disability access toilet in the Holme Building. These facilities can be accessed from the Holme Building courtyard and are maintained by the University of Sydney Union.

Pharmacy Building

A baby change table has been installed in the disability access toilet in the Pharmacy Building. This is being monitored for use, wear and tear, with the aim of installing some in other campus buildings if the need exists.

Jane Foss Russell Building

A baby change table is available in the disability access toilets on Levels 4, 5 and 6 of the Jane Foss Russell Building.

Fisher Library

A parent room is located on Level 3 (main entry level) of Fisher Library. After entering the Library proceed diagonally to the right past the lifts, then turn left, where the room is located 10 metres ahead. The security attendant at the front desk can also provide directions to the room.

The parent room includes zip hot water, chilled water, a microwave, a fold down change table and a nappy disposal unit, as well as 2 separate areas, with curtains that can be drawn for privacy while breastfeeding baby. Each has a small table and chairs.

Cumberland Campus

A parent room is located on the ground floor of U block (Student Guild Building) at Cumberland campus. Keys may be obtained from the counter at the Dragonfly cafe, located on the first floor of U block.

The room contains two chairs recommended by the Nursing Mothers’ Association, a baby change station, refrigerator, light dimmer, a sanitary bin for dirty nappies, a general waste bin and hand wash. Toilets and microwave ovens are available in adjacent rooms.

Breastfeeding Guidelines

The University has developed Breastfeeding On Campus Guidelines for Staff and Students. These Guidelines are published on the Equity and Diversity Strategy Centre website.

Click here to view the Guidelines