Child Care Coordinating Committee

Terms of Reference


The Child Care Coordinating Committee will seek to ensure maximum cooperation and coordination in the delivery of child care support to the University community. The Committee will not compromise the capacity of each organisation to develop its own child care policy, as approved by its governing body, but rather will build on existing cooperative relationships in a formalised way.

The Committee will:

  • provide advice to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) on appropriate child care policy
  • identify the child care needs of students and staff of the University
  • identify the degree to which the identified needs of students and staff of the University are being met by available child care services
  • identify child care needs of visitors to the University, including conference and graduation attendees
  • identify child care services within the community which could meet child care needs of students and staff of the University
  • explore avenues for achieving greater diversity in the types of child care available on campus
  • identify ways in which the University could facilitate access to child care for students and staff
  • monitor utilisation rates of the child care centres at the University
  • monitor external policy and funding pressures that impact upon the provision of child care services and support the University in it’s representations to Government and other organisations regarding child care matters
  • report to the Equity Advisory Committee on its activities


Ex-officio members

Acting Director, Student Support Services (Ms Jordi Austin) (Chair)
Director, Change and Development nominee (to be confirmed)
General Manager, University of Sydney Union nominee (Ms Amanda Kenyon)
Abercrombie Street Child Care Pty Ltd nominee (Ms Sene Gide)
Staff member from the Staff Consultative Forum (Associate Professor Marian Baird)
Student member from SRC/SUPRA - alternative years (Mr Noah White)

In attendance

The Child Care Information Officer, services the Committee.

Financial Assistance Officer, Financial Assistance Office (Mr Ben Alfred)
Child Care Information Officers (Ms Toni King and Ms Maria Loveday)

Meeting Dates

2010 - First Semester:
to be advised

2010 - Second Semester:
to be advised