Disability Consultative Committee

Terms of Reference


The Disability Consultative Committee (DCC) will be a sub-committee of the Equity Advisory Committee.

The Disability Consultative Committee will:

  • provide advice to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) on request, provide a means of consultation with the relevant stakeholders and networks, and oversee, evaluate and monitor the Disability Action Plan
  • coordinate the conduct of an annual review of services and facilities provided to students and staff with disabilities against current disability policy framework
  • advise the Equity Advisory Committee on measures to achieve reasonable adjustment for students with disabilities
  • advise the Equity Advisory Committee on measures to support staff with disabilities
  • report to the Equity Advisory Committee on the Disability Consultative Committee's activities.


Ex-officio members

  • Acting Director, Student Support Services Services (Ms Jordi Austin) (Chair)
  • Academic Board nominee (Associate Professor David Evans)
  • Director, Campus Infrastructure Services or nominee (Mr Chris Legge-Wilkinson)
  • Director, Change and Development or nominee (Dr Maree Murray)
  • Head, Counselling Service (Dr Phil Renner, Acting Head)
  • Manager, Disability Services (Ms Mary Teague)
  • Director of eLearning nominee, Sydney eLearning (Mr Colin Lowe)
  • Director, University Health Service (Associate Professor Ian Marshall)
  • Manager, Support Services, ICT or nominee (Mr Nicholas Gilbert)
  • Technology Specialist, ICT (Mr Jason Markou)
  • Manager, Injury Management and Workers Compensation (Ms Virginia Littlejohn)
  • University Librarian or nominee (Mr John Shipp)
  • SydneyPeople nominee (Ms Paula Spicer)
  • Two Staff Representatives (Dr Roslyn Bohringer)
  • Student Organisations: Co-Presidents of SUPRA nominee (Ms Rosemary Whitecross)
  • Student Organisations: President of SRC or nominee (Mr Mathew Gilliland)
  • Web Editor/Senior Webmaster, Digital and Print Media (Mr Nick Evans)

In attendance:

  • Administrative Assistant, Financial Assistance Office (Ms Maria Loveday)
    Administration Assistant, Financial Assistance Office (Ms Toni King)

Meeting Dates

2010 First Semester:
10am - 12noon Friday 14 May 2010

2010 Second Semester:
10am - 12noon Friday 8 October 2010