All annotations contain information about a website's structure, content, appearance, design, instruction, and a general helpul hint about using it.

1. Description of website organisation with number and names of units, modules, sections, parts


2. Evaluation based on the four general criteria below:

  • CONTENT : Theoretical knowledge of academic language and texts.

Is it high quality and comprehensive?

  • APPEARANCE : The layout, visuals, colour, size and style of the pages and information.

Is it attractive and clear? Is the screen print-like or not?

  • DESIGN : The interactivity in presentation of information, in instruction and in activities.

Are there useful internal links across pages or sections, across units or modules. Are there useful external links to sites? Is the navigation easy?

Are explanations, models, comments, activities interactively presented, done or corrected? Is this easy to manage?

  • INSTRUCTION : The kind of instruction or guidance in developing academic writing skills.

Does it include explanations, advice and examples; good and bad models for writing parts of, and whole texts; teacher comments on models; exercises or activities; correction of these?

Is the instructional style clear, interesting? Are the examples and models enough, relevant, interesting, manageable? Are the tasks clear, useful, fun?

3. General advice about using the website