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Academic text types/genres ; their full text structure/stages

Essay and Report Genres


1. Wollongong Unilearning (Aus)
Very good, thorough instruction on the 2 basic undergraduate genres - Unit 4 Essay Writing; Unit 5 Report Writing. More Info


2. Purdue University (USA)
***" Good work on Research Paper (Essay) and Research
Report in Workshops and Presentations module
Other Genres (postgraduate or more discipline-specific) More info

Other Genres (postgraduate or more discipline-specific)

4. University of NSW (Aus)
How to write a Ph.D. thesis by Joe Wolfe, School of Physics
Well-written advice plus links but mostly relevant to science theses.

1. Wollongong Unilearning (Aus)


Good, thorough instruction on 2 basic undergraduate genres - Unit 4 Essay
; Unit 5 Report Writing.

Content - theoretical knowledge high quality;

Appearance - attractive, clear layout, with diagrams, colour. Design - internal navigation not easy - no links between subsections inside unit; navigation from unit to unit easier - links given to relevant parts of other units. No links
to other websites.

Essay Writing unit Sections 1. Introduction 2. Preparation 3. Research 4. Writing 5. Summary

Instruction - focus on argument or discussion essays from humanities and commerce. Writing section has most relevant explanations, examples and exercises are good and interactive, though exercises not in every section. Most useful parts are: process of writing showing notes in student essay plan turning into a final paragraph; product of writing]] showing clear, short diagram of essay structure; [[http://unilearning.uow.edu.au/essay/5a.htmlSummary section has a good interactive pdf task - you mark a student essay and check with teacher comments/marks.

Report Writing unit Sections 1.Overview 2.Scientific 3.Technical 4. Business 5. Field 6. Summary

Instruction - advantage over other websites is four report subtypes dealt with separately. Lots of information in Overview; good explanations in all following sections with good and bad examples/models from different disciplines annotated with teacher comments but no exercises, tasks yet - an interactive exercise for each subtype coming soon on pd

2. Purdue University (USA)


Good presentation on 2 basic genres in module called Workshops and Presentations. Not much instruction but does have useful links to other sites.

Writing a Research Paper (8 sections) on Analytical & Argumentative essay

Writing a Research Report (5 sections) on all report types generally.

Content - quite good and thorough work on text structure

Appearance - clear, print style format (Workshops are more attractive than Handouts).

Design - navigation good with lots of internal and external links but some links take you off OWL and some tak you nowhere.

Instruction - mostly traditional teaching style of explanations with
no interactive tasks and not many models. However information is clear and not too technical. Also this is best site to get a range of links to other parts of site and to different university sites.