Annotated Links to Academic Writing Websites

Annotated Links

Links here are to Australian or overseas websites which teach academic writing skills.

These sites can help you develop different aspects of the academic writing skills you need as a University of Sydney student.

Part A
Links to complete courses on academic writing.

Complete courses

Part B
Links to help on specific aspects of academic writing.

(1) Full Text: about the purpose and structure of different academic text types or genres like the essay, report, review.

(2) Paragraph: about the typical structure, functions, and texture or cohesion of different types of academic paragraphs.

(3) Source Material: about integrating source material into text by reporting, quoting, summarising - not just referencing.

(4) Academic Style: about features that make academic writing impersonal, formal, analytical, critical.

(5) Grammar: basic aspects like punctuation, sentence structure, passive voice; advanced aspects like nominalisation, theme, modality.