• Date: Friday 3 October 2014, 9am-5pm
  • Venue: The University of Sydney, New Law School

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Writing is a central concern for higher degree research (HDR) student progression and completion rates. The building of HDR student writing capacity encompasses multiple, divergent and interconnecting responsibilities and models. This symposium focuses on two primary touch points for developing student writing:

  1. The student supervisor relationship, and;
  2. Institutionally endorsed spaces from which programmatic and/or centrally delivered writing ‘support’ may be provided by faculty academics, academic developers, and academic language and learning educators.

The symposium, supported by the Association for Academic Language and Learning, will showcase diverse practices from a range of universities for developing HDR student writing. It will provide opportunities for supervisors, deans and directors of graduate research, academic developers and academic language and learning educators to discuss what works – and what might work better in the contexts of their institutions.

Keynote Speakers


Bill Green

Bill Green is Emeritus Professor of Education at Charles Sturt University in NSW, Australia. His research interests curriculum inquiry, literacy studies and professional education, as well as a longtime focus on doctoral research education. He has a wide range of publications in areas including higher degree research pedagogy and supervision. His most recent publication is the co-edited volume Body/Practice: The Body in Professional Practice, Learning and Education (Springer, in press/2015).


Inger Mewburn

Inger Mewburn is the director of research training at the ANU where she is responsible for co-ordinating, communicating and measuring all the centrally run research training activities and doing research on student experience. She runs workshops for research students and is the founder and managing editor of The Thesis Whisperer blog.

Presenters' PowerPoint Slides

  • Behrend, Monica
    Addressing culture in facilitating doctoral writing
  • Burnett, Linda
    “There’s writing magic in the room!” Reflections on a thesis writing boot camp
  • Butler, Marian
    Writing groups at UQ: Reflections
  • Charles, Cassily
    Metaphors for talking about writing
  • Charles, Cassily
    The pleasures and practicalities of supporting HDRs online
  • Chatterjee-Padmanabhan, Meeta
    Teaching doctoral writing as text work/identity work
  • Chiew, Florence
    Literacy allsorts
  • Clerehan, Rosemary
    The systematic review: ‘My supervisor has told me how to do one, but how do I write one?’
  • Connell, Julia
    Practices and challenges in developing IHDR research(er) literacies
  • Dyson, Bronwen
    Supervisors’ oral feedback on HDR student writing: A criterion-based approach
  • Gonano, Karyn
    Timely, discipline-specific Research Writing Programs at QUT
  • Green, Bill
    Research, writing, rhetoric: On Doctoral Education as Literacy
  • Guerin, Cally
    Adelaide AcWriMo
  • Gunawardena, Maya
    A pragmatic approach to enhance writer-reader interaction in HDR student writing
  • Hamilton, Margaret
    From go to woe? Calibrating writing expectations for HDR student work from proposal to examination
  • Jacenyik-Trawoger, Christa
    HDRs and ECAs together: A combined writing group as a community of practice
  • Jamieson, Heather
    The benefits and challenges of multiple inputs into HDR writing
  • Laming, Madeleine
    How great is GREAT?
  • Lum, Juliet
    Paving the pathway: Building research writing capacity for pre-doctoral candidates
  • Lum, Juliet
    Online writing groups to build bridges and writing capacity among off-campus HDR candidates
  • Mackie, Sylvia
    Ethnographic needs analysis in support of STEM doctoral writing
  • Manidis, Marie
    Practices and challenges in developing IHDR research(er) literacies
  • McInnes, Marie
    FAQ Website: Theses containing publications
  • Mewburn, Inger
    What are your doctoral students doing after school?
  • Percy, Alisa
    Reflections on the positioning, politics, and pedagogy of a language education/research writing subject for international HDR students
  • Pinder, Janice
    Writing up the Law: Developing capacity in legal scholarly writing within a PhD program
  • Ramiah, Reva
    Enabling discipline-specific research writing: A case study in science and engineering
  • Ridgway, George
    Building HDR student writing capacity: A systematic model of feedback
  • Verezub, Elena
    Developing research writing skills in HDR students through an online program

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