Learning Centre

Purpose of the Learning Centre

The Learning Centre provides teaching, advice and other resources for students to develop the academic skills they need for coursework and research at university. The Learning Centre works with both students and faculty staff.

The two main roles of the Learning Centre are:

  • to help students to develop the wide range of skills for learning and communicating effectively at all levels of university
  • to work with faculty staff to develop learning and teaching strategies and resources which support the development of students' academic skills.

The Learning Centre draws upon and contributes to research and scholarship in the areas of student learning, academic literacy in higher education and applied linguistics.

Services offered by the Learning Centre

  • central workshops
  • faculty-specific workshops and programs
  • individual student consultations
  • online and printed learning resources

The central workshops cover a broad range of topics in academic writing, learning skills, oral communication and postgraduate research.

The Learning Centre also works with faculties to create a range of workshops and other programs for specific degree programs or units of study.