Learning Centre Cumberland Campus

What does the Learning Centre at Cumberland Campus do?

The Learning Centre provides students with teaching and advice about reading, writing, research and other skills which you need to succeed at university. The Learning Centre's services are available free of charge to all students of The University of Sydney.


At various times during the year, the Learning Centre on the Cumberland Campus runs short courses or workshops on specific skills or tasks (e.g. paraphrasing and referencing, essay structure, writing a literature review). To find out about current or upcoming workshops at the Cumberland Campus visit the Cumberland Learning Centre workshops page.

A workshop can be requested by lecturers/course co-ordinators for students in a particular course or unit of study. Alternatively, students can contact the Cumberland Learning Centre directly, to request a workshop for a small group of students who all have similar needs or interests. One or more workshops can be specifically designed for the needs of the group.

Students on the Cumberland Campus are also welcome to enrol in any of the regularly scheduled workshops at the Learning Centre on the Camperdown Campus.

Individual consultations

Individual students can make appointments for a one-to-one consultation with a lecturer on the Cumberland Campus, to discuss any questions, difficulties or problems to do with language and other academic skills. These may include such things as planning or structuring an essay/report/case study, clinical communication, managing your workload, reading efficiently, writing analytically, etc. Any questions or difficulties about the subject matter of your courses (e.g. statistics, biology) should be directed to the appropriate lecturers, tutors and/or your peers. The Maths Learning Centre can also help with mathematics related learning support.


  • Theresa Millman
    Lecturer in Student Learning and Communication Development
    Telephone: 02 9351 9319 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
    Location: A Block, Cumberland Campus, The University of Sydney, East Street, Lidcombe 2141.
  • See campus maps for further details.

Can someone proof-read my work?

The Learning Centre does not provide proof-reading or editing services. Lecturers will not check your assignment to correct the spelling, grammar, referencing, etc.

However, you can arrange to bring your MARKED assignment for a consultation. By looking at your marked work, lecturers can give you detailed feedback on your specific writing skills (e.g. structure, grammar, referencing) and help you to improve these if necessary. They can also help you develop the skills to proof-read and edit your own work.

Some online resources

Learning Centre online resources for students