Forum: Communication as a graduate quality – how can its development be embedded into curriculum?

Hear from a range of academics in different disciplines at the University of Sydney who have successfully embedded the development of communication within their curriculum.

Participate in a workshop with some of the presenters to explore how you might be able to draw on their experiences in your curriculum.
Join a network of scholars across the university who are embedding the development of communication into the curriculum (the CECLD Network).

Hear from our guest speakers Dr. Jim Donohue and Julian Ingle about some of the work that they have been involved with, embedding the development of communication – particularly writing – into curriculum at the UK Open University and at Queen Mary University of London.

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Jim Donohue

Dr Jim Donohue
Jim has taught and researched English language for academic and workplace purposes for 20 years, in the UK, Netherlands, Pakistan and Bangladesh. He came to Queen Mary in November 2014 from The Open University where he was Head of OpenELT, the OU’s English Language Teaching Unit. He is particularly interested in the relationship between language and learning and how our use of language develops as we encounter new situations in life.

Julian Ingle

Julian Ingle
After working as a translator in Barcelona, Julian studied philosophy at the Universities of Middlesex and Essex. Before joining the Thinking Writing team at Queen Mary University of London in 2009, he worked at London Metropolitan, City University and UCL, where he wrote and taught courses in philosophy, history of ideas and history. He also taught academic writing and English for academic purposes, Spanish language, and worked on EFL teacher training courses at post-graduate and undergraduate levels. His work in learning development included facilitating action learning sets and developing critical and reflective thinking. Much of Julian’s recent work in Thinking Writing has been with staff and students in medicine and engineering.

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