I want some help with my English grammar & vocabulary.

If you are non-native speaker of English, there are English language courses, both on-campus (Centre for English Teaching) and off-campus, as well as numerous books and online resources for learning more about English grammar. The best way to improve your use of English grammar is to spend as many hours each day as possible in English conversation.

Both native and non-native speakers of English can also learn strategies for paying close attention to grammar, for proof-reading and editing your work. The Learning Centre offers some workshops on this topic (see links on the right of this page). There are also many online and published resources about English grammar - check the library and links on this page.

Improving your vocabulary requires a different approach. It takes time, since there are no ‘rules’ which you can quickly learn and practice. You can help your technical and general vocabulary by focusing on new words you come across in your reading and noting down what they mean and how they’re used. Discipline-specific technical words are particularly important. You will also come across frequently-occurring ‘academic’ words (e.g. analysis, aspect, factor, etc).

Note: It is important to read first for the general meaning of the whole text. Do not try to stop and look up every new word the first time you read something: this will make it much slower and harder to understand.

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