Getting the message across in science

The clips provide guidelines and examples of how to give a successful oral presentation and how to make a poster. Authentic footage of student presentations given in the School of Biological Sciences is used to illustrate the skills of presenting. In addition, activities in evaluating both oral presentations and posters are included.

In the following clips staff and students give advice on a number of topics:

06:15 minutes

Relaxation techniques and ways to control nervousness before and during a presentation.

03:12 minutes

Aspects of preparing for a presentation: your audience, venue, topic and aim.

06:07 minutes

The pressures of presentations, including timing, the use of scripts, notes or prompts, dealing with questions and familiarising yourself with the venue and equipment.

10:43 minutes

Extracts from student presentations focusing on aspects of performance (voice, confidence, visuals, content and organisation) and giving you an opportunity to evaluate them.

03:12 minutes

Answering questions during a poster session and giving a presentation based on your poster.

07:47 minutes

Design features of a good poster, depending on your purpose and audience.

08:55 minutes

Samples of student posters which you can evaluate based on a number of criteria: title, layout, text and graphics, visual impact, logical connections, reader pathway, colour, content and acknowledgements.