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  • The Getting Your Message Across in Science site provides guidelines and examples of how to give a successful oral presentation and how to make a poster. Authentic footage of student presentations given in the School of Biological Sciences is used to illustrate the skills of presenting. In addition, activities in evaluating both oral presentations and posters are included.
message across science

  • The Write Site provides online support to help you develop your academic and professional writing skills. There are modules on grammar, using sources and structuring assignments.
write site

  • The WRiSE (Writing a Report in Science and Engineering) site is an online learning environment designed to help you develop and improve your report writing skills in science and engineering.

  • The iWrite site contains interactive tutorials to help engineering students to improve their assignment writing across the undergraduate years. It is especially useful for students writing their 3rd or 4th year thesis or project report.

  • Help Yourself provides quick answers to the most common questions and problems for students, from first year undergraduates to PhD students. It also includes links to follow for more detailed information.
Help Yourself

  • The Clearer Writing site is an on-line interactive course to improve the clarity of your writing, with a particular focus on well-structured and coherent paragraphs.
clearer writing

Introduction to Reading in Biology

biology reading image

Reflective Writing

Reflection is a core skill for your university work. What it means will depend on your particular assignments, the subjects you are studying, your discipline area of study, and so forth. This resource will introduce you to different kinds of reflective writing at University, the types of assignments that call for reflective writing, different levels of reflection, some language strategies and example texts.

Foundations of Grammar

Independent Learning Resources

Basic English Grammar Modules

Cohesive Writing

Writing in an Academic Style

Essay Writing

Strategies for Successful Students

Study Skills

English Speech Practice

  • English Speech Practice (booklet to use with lessons below)
    A Pronunciation Course for Advanced Learners of English
    Based on authentic Australian English dialogues



Orientation Lecture Notes

These notes are for first year undergraduate students.

Essay Writing

Help with Report Writing in the Sciences

Writing a Thesis Proposal

This document provides models and guidelines for writing a thesis proposal with particular emphasis on the introductory stage and the expression of aims, research questions or hypotheses.

FAQs - Writing a Thesis With Publications

This website is based on questions and concerns raised in a number of recent workshops on theses with publications (TWPs).

OLE - Writing a Literature Review

How to find it:

To locate the OLE component log into Canvas with your UniKey and password:

Then follow the links in this order:

  • OLE (on the left hand side bar)
  • Open Learning Environment
  • Enrol in Units
  • Under browse by category, select “Foundational and Advanced Communication Skills”
  • Writing a Literature Review
  • Writing a Literature Review - Enrol

Links to Other Sites

Annotated links to Australian or overseas websites which not only inform, but try to instruct or teach academic writing skills. These sites can help you develop different aspects of the academic writing skills you need as a University of Sydney student.

Law School Writing Seminars