In transition: supporting students to develop the graduate quality of communication

The Curriculum Embedded Communication and Language Development (CECLD) network and the Learning Centre are hosting a mini conference to be held on Monday 10 December from 9.00am-2.00pm, following the launch of the graduate quality rubrics on November 27th 2018. The goal of this conference is to promote collaboration amongst those working to embed and assess communication within degree programs.

We have titled the conference In transition as the university is working towards the assessment of graduate qualities in 2020. However, we also recognise that our students go through many transitions as they enter university, learn how to become students, learn how to meet disciplinary requirements and work towards a future beyond the university.

PowerPoint Slides

  • Economou, D.
    Issues in Sustainability: Embedding communication development in first year Architecture
  • Hardie, J.
    The University’s Graduate Qualities
  • Ishkova, M., Nguyen, H., Johnson, A. and Loh, V.
    Embedding Communication into the core course: challenging vs spoon feeding?
  • Lim, R. and Liu, C.
    Experiential online communication skills learning (CSL) using the EQClinic
  • McCallum, P. and Tognolini, J.
    Up to the measure: validating instruments for assessing student attainment of the University graduate qualities
  • Millman, T.
    Support for different phases of a student’s life cycle at the university in, through and out
  • Morrison, Z.
    Using mentoring programs to build further communication skills for First in Family students
  • Purcell, A., Blackford, J., Barclay, T., Penman, M., So, T. and Caillaud, C.
    Accelerate Communication Excellence (ACE): A Web-based Tool for Teaching and Assessing Communication
  • Ramia, G.
    Addressing English language proficiency among postgraduate students: evidence from a pilot project in the Faculty of Arts And Social Sciences at The University Of Sydney
  • Stevenson, M. and Hatsidimitris, G.
    Implementing an educational video assessment task: the good, the bad and the ugly

Keynote Speaker


Professor Sally Kift
Professor Sally Kift is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA), a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law (FAAL), and elected President of the Australian Learning & Teaching Fellows (ALTF). From 2012-2017, she was Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) at James Cook University. Prior to JCU, Sally was a Professor of Law at Queensland University of Technology, where she also served as QUT’s foundational Director, First Year Experience (2006-2007). Sally is a national Teaching Award winner (2003) and national Program Award winner (2007). She was awarded a Senior Fellowship by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) in 2006 to investigate the first year experience and is a Discipline Scholar in Law. In 2017, Sally was awarded an Australian Award for University Teaching Career Achievement for her contribution to Australian higher education.

Hosted by

The Curriculum Embedded Communication and Language Development Scholars’ Network (CECLD) and the Learning Centre – Academic Enrichment, The University of Sydney.