Revision classes for MATH1013 for Semester 2

A weekly revision workshop is available for this unit. Please click here for details.

Modelling and Calculus

The draft materials Modelling and Calculus are available here.

Mathematical modelling audiovisual materials

  • Module 1: Solving the constant absolute growth rate (AGR) differential equation P'(t) = a
  • Module 2:Solving the constant relative growth rate (RGR) differential equation P'(t) = kP
  • Module 3: Solving the general linear differential equation P'(t) = kP + a
  • Module 4: Solving the Logistic Differential Equation
  • Module 5: Introduction to Recurrence Relations
  • Module 6:Second-order constant coefficient DE Part 1: The real exponential form
  • Module 7:Second-order constant coefficient DE Part 2: The repeated roots form
  • Module 8:Second-order constant coefficient DE Part 3: The trigonometric form

Revision materials