Statistics Bridging Course

Early in 2019 the Mathematics Learning Centre will offer a short bridging course for students planning to undertake programmes which require the study of statistics, such as Statistics and Research Methods for Psychology, and degrees/diplomas in Public Health or other postgraduate degrees.

This course is designed for people who lack confidence when faced with mathematical tasks or as a refresher for people who want to brush up on basic mathematical skills. It may also be useful for students who have not studied Mathematics (2 Unit) at school. It is not appropriate for students who have at any time completed the higher levels of mathematics for the Higher School Certificate.

The course aims to review the basic mathematics needs of students in a statistics course and to develop an intuitive understanding of some fundamental statistical concepts.

The program includes:

  • use of a scientific calculator, including the use of statistical functions
  • algebra, including the use of formulae and the solution of simple linear equations
  • introduction to concepts in probability by means of practical activities
  • ways of representing and summarising data including graphs, mean, standard deviation, correlation
  • introduction to the normal distribution.

$320 (inc. GST)
Fee includes cost of booklets and course materials. Please note this fee is not able to be deferred to HECS and must be paid in full when enrolling.

Mathematics Learning Centre
Room N293 Quadrangle Building University of Sydney

Students will need a scientific calculator with statistical functions.

Recommended models are the Casio fx 82 AU PLUS II or Casio fx 82 AU PLUS. Some other models in the fx82 and fx100 series may also be suitable.

If you already have a scientific calculator, check with the teachers in the course first before buying a new one.

Course dates – February 2019

NB This is a six-day course

Week 1 Mon 11, Tue 12 and Thur 14 February 10am - 1pm
Week 2 Mon 18, Tue 19 and Thur 21 February 10am - 1pm


For enquiries or to enrol please contact the Mathematics Learning Centre on 9351 4061 or email: . Please include details of levels of mathematics previously studied, when you last studied mathematics and your stats unit of study.

Enrolments should be received by the Mathematics Learning Centre before 31 January 2019.

Class sizes will be limited to 24 students, to ensure individual help is available. For this reason, numbers may have to be restricted, so early enrolment is recommended. If there are insufficient enrolments for any course, the University reserves the right to offer students the choice of an alternative arrangement or a refund of fees paid.