How we can help

The Mathematics Learning Centre works in partnership with staff across a range of faculties to support students in learning mathematics or statistics in first level quantitative units of study.

A first level quantitative unit of study is the first substantive unit of study taken by students that includes primarily mathematics or statistics content. This is usually a first year unit like MATH1001 but could also be a second or third year unit such as PSYC2012.

To find out more about how the Mathematics Learning Centre can support your students see the information below or contact Jackie Nicholas on 9351 5798 or

Drop-in Centre

The primary means of providing mathematics support is through our Drop-in Centre. Eligible students can come to the Drop-in Centre to work and ask for assistance when necessary from the academic staff member on duty.

The Drop-in Centre is located in Carslaw room 177.

The Drop-in Centre is open during Semester from:
10am to 5pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays
10am to 7pm on Tuesdays and
10am to 3pm on Fridays.

It is open during AVCC common weeks, stuvac and the exam period. These times are posted on our website at Timetables

Mathematics Revision Classes for specific units of study

We organise a series of maths revision classes for specific units of study in maths and stats. These revision classes cover unit of study material and are held regularly through the semester.

Details of these classes are posted on our website at Timetables


We partner with Schools in the University to offer introductory workshops to students who do not have the assumed knowledge in mathematics for their studies.

Again details are posted at Timetables.

Blended learning materials

We collaborate with staff in the faculties to produce audio-visual modules in mathematics on major topics in a unit of study or 'just in time' videos that link to the tutorial program.

To see an example of this go to MATH1111 page on our website.

Collaborative research

We collaborate with academic staff in the faculties and in the discipline on research projects in mathematics, statistics education and mathematics education.

We can contribute teaching and learning expertise in the areas of pedagogic design and production of written and online learning resources.