This page has selected resources for some important areas of mathematics.

Algebra skills

  • The Maths Learning Centre algebra workshop notes are available here.
  • An Algebra Refresher is an algebra workbook (with answers) producted by staff from the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Mathematics Learning Support Centre at the University of Loughborough. Go to the Mathcentre homepage and search for 'Algebra Refresher'. They also have resource materials by topic and maths videos.

Differential calculus

  • The Mathematics Learning Centre has published a workbook called Introduction to Differential Calculus which looks at the concept of a derivative and the rules of differentiation.
  • Go to the Online 2 Unit mathematics bridging course HERE for a series of AV mathematics modules introducing the ideas of differential calculus.
  • The Mathcentre has an extensive range of notes and videos on differentiation. For a list of their differentiation notes by topic and a list of the maths videos available follow the links from the Mathcentre Homepage. The math video on the chain rule is particularly useful. There are two workbooks for revision of differentiation on this site: "Basic Differentiation – A Refresher" and "A Calculus Refresher". These workbooks were developed by staff from the Department of Mathematical Sciences or Mathematics Education Centre at the University of Loughborough and contain lots of exercises with answers.
  • The UBC Online calculus homepage.
    On this homepage are the course notes of the introductory differential calculus course at the University of British Columbia. They give a very good introduction to the derivative including interactive graphs to aid visualisation.