What services does the Maths Learning Centre offer?

Advice on supplementary work needed

Our staff will help you identify the gaps in your background knowledge and recommend what work you should do to fill in those gaps.

Help with difficulties in course material

The Centre's staff are available to assist you on an individual basis. Because each thing you learn in mathematics usually depends on earlier work, it is important to sort out misunderstandings as soon as they occur. You can seek help from your lecturers or come to the Centre. The latter course is advised if your difficulties are severe or relate to assumed knowledge for your course.

Supplementary tutorial classes

If a group of students can be identified who are all studying the same subject, a special class can be arranged for them. This allows for discussion among members of the group, which can help to clarify ideas and increase understanding.

Bridging Courses

Bridging courses in Mathematics and Preparation courses in Statistics are held in February each year. A charge is made for these courses.

How do I comment on, compliment or complain about the Mathematics Learning Centre?

You can talk or write the Head of the Mathematics Learning Centre. If this avenue has returned an unsatisfactory response, you can contact the Director of Teaching and Learning or, if appropriate, the Staff and Student Equal Opportunity Unit.