The Sydney Summer School

The University of Sydney's academic excellence attracts students from around the world to take part in our intensive Summer School offered over three sessions from December to February, or in our Winter School in July.

Students can accelerate their course, catch up on a failed subject, balance their timetable, or study subjects outside their current course.

For students joining us at Sydney for the first time and are not enrolled in a degree, they can study as a non-award student and get a taste of our diverse academic offerings, and even get a head start on their degree if you’ve just completed Year 12.

For students joining us at Sydney for the first time and are enrolled in a course at another university, they can pick up a subject as a cross-institutional student and have it count toward their degree.


Subjects in Summer School and Winter School have a limited number of places. Classes fill on a first come, first served basis. A small number of places in each subject are reserved for cross-instutional students.


Summer School and Winter School enrolments are full fee-paying and are not covered by HECS-HELP, however FEE-HELP is available to eligible domestic students.