Business Project (BUSS6509)

Broken Hill Special Project 2013

Apply through The Sydney Summer School website

cross-disciplinary problem solving

  • post-graduate action research project
  • cross-disciplinary groups with architecture students
  • Sydney based workshops, 2nd & 4th July (5-8pm)
  • Based in Broken Hill for 10 days (7th – 17th July)
  • Designed to enhance your understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship through exposure to real human and economic influences
  • RARE will provide some financial support for student accommodation costs

engaged problem- based learning

  • You are challenged to be deeply embedded in the context of entrepreneurship, exposing you to the complexities and realities of business. It also enables you to deliver practical and valuable contributions to businesses (be they commercial or social enterprises) and their stakeholders.
  • You are provided a rich and safe environment in which to develop your functional knowledge (such as finance and marketing), social skills (including communication and negotiation) as well as your personal attributes and dispositions (such as social awareness, curiosity, passion for excellence etc.)


  • combined student groups from both Business and Architecture tackle one of the three project options
  • client - Broken Hill City Council

a) the little campus

  • designing space for education precinct
  • within ‘film studio’
  • stand-alone business model required

b) heritage businesses

  • what do main street businesses need to do to leverage heritage listing
  • input required to marketing, partnerships, positioning etc.

c) housing

  • scoping project to enable housing enterprise servicing region
  • incorporate ‘needs review’ with ‘capabilities possibilities’ to match business opportunity (build housing) with meaningful skills and resources (indigenous enterprise)

indicative student costs

  • REX Flight - $550 return OR CountryLink Train - $140 return
  • Accommodation – 10 nights (we are confirming pricing now, should be less than $30 a night)
  • Transport within Broken Hill will be covered by The Business School
  • Food and incidentals will be covered by students

to apply