Crediting units to a degree

Current University of Sydney students

Summer & Winter School subjects are attributed to a current degree course, provided it meets course progression and the student has satisfied the prerequisites.

Students not currently enrolled, or if their Summer or Winter School subject cannot be added to their current degree due to course rules, must obtain permission from the Faculty Office to associate the subject with their degree. Otherwise they will be enrolled as a Summer or Winter School non-award student.

All Summer & Winter School subjects appear on a student's academic transcript.

The awards listed in our handbook to which subjects may be accredited are a guide only. A particular subject may not be permitted for accreditation to all of the award courses listed in ALL cases and taking a subject does not guarantee admission to a particular award. These lists are not exhaustive and accreditation to other awards may be possible.

If in any doubt whether a particular subject is eligible for accreditation to a degree program, please consult your faculty office for advice.

Please note: Postgraduate subjects may not be attributed to undergraduate degrees.

External students

To count a Summer or Winter School unit towards your award degree at another tertiary education institution, please obtain advice from your home institution that credit obtained in Summer or Winter School will be credited to that award degree and at what credit point value. It is recommended that you obtain this information in writing prior to enrolling in the unit.

Please see the section on eligibility to enrol and also see the application checklist to see which documents you need to submit.