Enrolment Stages

Enrolment in Summer or Winter School is not automatic. All applications for enrolment are subject to approval and are dependent on meeting prerequisite or permission requirements, as well as availability of places.

All applications are made online through the My Summer Study.

Enrolment status

Each enrolment is processed according to University of Sydney enrolment policy. In Summer and Winter School there are four enrolment statuses:

  • Enrolled: the applicant is fully enrolled in the subject.
  • Incomplete: the applicant has a place in the subject dependent on the applicant completing the application, for example needing to pay or provide further documents. An incomplete status is valid for three (3) business days from the date of lodgement of the application. If an applicant fails to complete their application, their enrolment status is revised to not enrolled and the application is denied.
  • In Progress: the applicant has a place in the subject and has completed their application. Summer School staff are still processing the application.
  • Not enrolled: the applicant has either withdrawn or enrolment has been denied due to non payment of fees or failing to provide appropriate documents, or failing to meet pre-requisites.


Students are advised to regularly check My Summer Study and their email account for updates on their Summer or Winter School enrolment. The Sydney Summer School office is not responsible for students who do not regularly check My Summer Study or their emails.

Applicants who have a mobile phone should also provide this information in their application for enrolment, and indicate if they wish to be contacted by SMS.

Current students of the University of Sydney are provided with a student email account which will be the primary email address during Summer & Winter School.

Communication - External students

External or new students who enrol in Summer School must provide a current email address where they can be contacted.