Faculty Rules

Mathematics and Statistics

If you have demonstrated academic ability you may undertake more than two first-year subjects in Mathematics so long as you obtain from Brad Roberts, Coordinator of Summer School Mathematics subjects in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, Faculty of Science.


Only those students enrolled currently in a Law Degree (Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor) can take LAWS units of study at Summer or Winter School. Students enrolled in a combined Law degree must have completed all of the requirements for the first degree, e.g. Arts, Commerce to enrol in level 2000 or 5000 LAWS units (e.g. LAWS2015 [LLB]/LAWS5015 [JD]: Equity) for summer or winter sessions.

LAWS units are not available for audit, cross-institutional or non-award students.

Business Undergraduate Subjects

Please check with the School of Business, Student Information Office that you are eligible to apply online for summer or winter sessions, especially if you wish to cross-list a unit of study from another faculty which is outside your course rules.


Can I study both PSYC1001 and PSYC1002 in Summer School?

Yes. You should be aware, however, that studying both PSYC1001 and PSYC1002 during the intensive Summer School period is extremely demanding. Each year, the fail rate for students who try to complete both units simultaneously is very high.

Typically, we only recommend doing both units if you have previously completed an undergraduate degree AND you have demonstrated exceptional academic ability. You are, however, free to attempt both anyway - just keep in mind that it will be incredibly difficult.

If you decide to attempt both of the units simultaneously, take note of the census dates just in case you need to withdraw from one (or both) of the units.

Students who require both Units of Study for further study (e.g. the Graduate Diploma in psychology) are encouraged to complete PSYC1002 during Summer School and PSYC1001 in the regular March semester.