Faculty Rules

Mathematics and Statistics

If you have demonstrated academic ability you may undertake more than two first-year subjects in Mathematics so long as you obtain written permission from Dr David Easdown, Coordinator of Summer School Mathematics subjects in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, Faculty of Science. You can seek permision when you apply online.


Only students enrolled in a law degree can take a law subject in the summer or winter school. Students enrolled in a double degree with law as one part, must be enrolled in the law part of their double degree before enrolling in Summer/Winter School Law subjects.

Law subjects are NOT available as audit subjects.


Students may NOT enrol in both PSYC1001 and PSYC1002 during the Summer School.

Business Undergraduate Subjects

Please note under no circumstances will conditional enrolments be approved for Undergraduate Business subjects. For example: Students completing the prerequisite subjects for FINC2011 in Semester two will not be permitted to enrol in Summer School.