About Summer & Winter School

Why study at Summer or Winter School?

Attending classes at The University of Sydney during summer or Winter offers many advantages. You can:

  • use this time to accelerate your degree
  • reduce your workload throughout the rest of the year
  • repeat units of study
  • enjoy smaller classes
  • recent high school graduates may get an early start on their degree

What factors do I need to consider before enrolling over summer?

Summer School and Winter school are intensive programs: the usual semester time is reduced to 6 weeks over summer and 3 or 4 weeks over winter session. This means that students need to be committed to attending all classes when studying in the shorter time frame.

I am not a current student at the University of Sydney: Can I enrol at Summer or Winter School ?

We welcome:

  • currently enrolled students from Australian or overseas tertiary institutions
  • international students on a tourist visas
  • suitably qualified students who are not currently enrolled at university

All students must meet the pre-requisites for the unit of study and admission requirements of the University.

What are my responsibilities as a Summer or Winter School student?

  • ensure that your enrolment choice is correct
  • ensure you have obtained special permission from faculty for a unit of study, if necessary
  • ensure you have correctly filled in a Fee HELP form - if you choose Fee HELP
  • check the timetable regularly as all alterations are posted on the website.
  • check that you do not have a timetable clash
  • be aware of the student code of conduct

What responsibilities does the Summer School assume for students?

Summer School staff provide:

  • accurate advice on Summer School policy
  • general study advice on faculty rules, degree programs and referral information.
  • assist and resolve enrolment or fees problems