About the Summer & Winter School

Why should I study at Summer or Winter School?

Attending classes at The University of Sydney during summer or Winter offers many advantages. You can

  • use this time to accelerate your academic career and to finish your degree sooner
  • reduce your workload throughout the rest of the year
  • repeat units of study in which you may have been unsuccessful
  • use a summer school as an opportunity for a short international study experience
  • devote your full attention to a single area of study
  • take courses that might be outside your normal degree
  • add a summer school to your English language program
  • add a summer/winter school unit of study to your Study Abroad program
  • enjoy smaller classes

For high school graduates

  • you can sample a University program and get an early start on your degree

What factors do I need to consider before enrolling in Summer or Winter School?

Summer School and Winter school are intensive programs, that is the normal semester time is contracted to 6 weeks over summer (instead of 14 weeks) and to 3 weeks over Winter. This means the amount of time for private study is also intensified. Students need to be committed to studying. It is helpful if you can do some pre reading before the program starts.

I am not a current student at the University of Sydney –can I take a Summer or Winter School unit of study?

We welcome

  • currently enrolled students from Australian or overseas tertiary institutions
  • international students on a visitor visa
  • suitably qualified students who are not currently enrolled at university

All students must meet the pre-requisites for the unit of study and admission requirements of the University.

What are my responsibilities as a Summer or Winter School student?

  • ensure your enrolment is correct
  • ensure you have the correct permission documents
  • ensure you have correctly filled in a Fee HELP form if you choose Fee HELP
  • check your status on MyUni and your emails a few times per week, especially if you are on a waitlist
  • check the web site before you email us or phone. Most times the answer to a general question is there.
  • check the timetable regularly as all alterations are posted on the website.
  • check that you do not have a timetable clash
  • be aware of the student code of conduct
  • be aware that at peak times the phone will be extremely busy and that Summer School staff will endeavour to answer your enquiry as fast as possible.
  • if you have a query, try emailing instead of phoning

What responsibilities does the Summer School have towards me as a Summer/Winter School student?

The Summer School staff will endeavour to provide

  • friendly and polite service
  • accurate timely advice on Summer School policy
  • general study advice on faculty rules, degree programs and referral information.
  • assist and resolve enrolment or fees problems