Summer & Winter Enrolment

Summer School unit of study selection

Students may enrol for a maximum of two units of study in the Summer School, provided there is no timetable clash. Three unit enrolment requires approval from the Director of the Summer School. You may this request to: Dr Jillian Stewart, Director, Sydney Summer School. Please include full student details and the details of the units you wish to take. Note, if there are timetable clashes between the three units, then you will not be approved.

Winter School unit of study selection

Students may enrol in one subject in the Winter School. Two unit enrolment requires approval from the Director of the Winter School.


All continuing students are required to enrol online through Sydney Student myuni.

All commencing students, enrolling for the summer/winter session only, enrol via the summer Subjects page

Supporting documentation for new students (e.g. academic transcripts, letter from home university stating approval to take the subject and IELTS results if English is a second language) must be uploaded at time of application, please have these documents ready in advance.

Application opening dates

Summer School applications open on October 4, 2016.

Winter School applications open on 11 May 2016.

See Important Dates for more information.

Last dates for enrolment


Final enrolment date for winter session: 18 June 2016

See Important Dates for more information.


To be announced.

Please note that you should enrol as early as possible in order to secure a place in the class as many classes fill very quickly.

Students from outside the University of Sydney

We welcome any tertiary student enrolled at any Australian university or overseas university. Note you must meet the prerequisites for the unit of study for which you are enrolling.

You may also apply if you are not enrolled at a university but are eligible for admission to the relevant degree program for your unit of study.

Eligiblity for units not associated with award degrees

If you wish to enrol in a summer/winter unit for credit which is not associated with your current award degree, then you must apply to your Faculty for permission to cross-list the unit as part of your course.

If you do not meet the prerequisites for your chosen unit, then you must apply for special permission at point of enrolment.

Census Date

Students can withdraw from their units without academic penalty and receive a full refund of tuition fees on or before the census date. See Important Dates for more information and read the Refund Policy.

Library cards

If you are enrolled in a summer or winter school, non-award or cross-institutional unit of study, you can apply for a library card for the duration of your course at:

Campus Cards, Student Centre
Level 3, Jane Foss Russell Building G02
University of Sydney NSW 2006

You must bring your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) and your photo identification, such as passport or drivers licence, to obtain your card from the Campus Cards counter at the Student Centre.

IT access

The University of Sydney provides various electronic teaching and learning solutions together with student access to online course notes, outlines, timetables, results, etc. The primary student-based sites are:

All students enrolled at the University of Sydney are provided with access to these resources via a Unikey account. New students to the University in Summer School are also provided with a Unikey account.

Unikey accounts

Currently enrolled students at the University of Sydney will already have access to the University's student intranet sites via their unikey login.

New students at Summer/Winter School gain access by contacting the ICT Helpdesk on 02 9351 6000 quoting your unikey login name to secure a password. If you are unsure of your unikey login ID, then please call the Summer School Office on 02 9351 5542 and we will assist you.

Computer Access Labs

Computer Access Labs are available to all Summer and Winter School students. Labs are located across the University's Camperdown/Darlington campus.

Important: Computer Access Lab opening hours may vary during Summer and Winter School.