Fees and Payment

Payment due date

Full fee paying students should pay online through Sydney Student by credit card within three days of enrolling in a summer or winter unit of study.

Fee rates

Indicative fee rates are advertised at our fees page. You will also be advised of the full amount you need to pay when enrolling online.

How to pay

Full Fee Paying Students
Full fee paying students are required to pay online in the Sydney Student portal using a credit card. This option requires you to pay the tuition fees within 3 days of your online enrolment.

Commonwealth Assisted Students
If you are eligible to request FEE HELP then you can fill in the form online during the enrolment process.

International Students with University of Sydney Account in Credit
International Students should contact International Services on 02 8627 8300 or email to confirm that their University account is in credit before enrolling in summer or winter units.

Sponsored / AusAID Students
International Students who are recognised by the University of Sydney International Office as Sponsored students (AusAID or government sponsored) should also contact the International Services Office to ensure that the sponsor will pay the invoiced amount for the summer/winter tuition fees by a due date prior to the census date for the unit(s).

Non payment

For full fee paying students payment is required in full in your Sydney Student online portal within three business days following your enrolment. Summer/winter school staff will withdraw students in this category for non-payment of tuition fees if the due date is not met.

A continuing domestic student who does not submit a valid FEE HELP form online by the due date will be removed for their summer/winter unit of study so that the place can be made available for another fee paying student.

HECS is not available for summer/winter sessions

All subjects in the Summer/Winter School are either full-fee places or are offset by using FEE HELP if you are an eligible domestic student. Commonwealth legislation does not allow for HECS places at these sessions.


FEE-HELP is a Government loan scheme available for both Summer and Winter School. Only Australian citizens may use Fee-HELP, however there are strict criteria which must be met. Eligibility for Fee-HELP should be checked on the ATO website.

Student services and amenities fee (SAF)

This is a fee that providers can charge their students for student services and amenities of non-academic nature, such as sporting and recreational activities, employment and career advice, child care, financial advice and food services.

Paying the SAF fee

You can pay by credit card online in Sydney Student or by deferring the cost to SA-HELP. You will need to fill out a SA-HELP Form online.

Your Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN)

All Fee-HELP students who a have enrolled with the Summer or Winter School (including those who may have withdrawn from a subject) will receive a Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN).

The CAN will be emailed to you with 28 days from the Census Date. This will indicate your liability (how much you have borrowed) to the Government for taking your Summer or Winter School subject(s).

What to do if information on your CAN is wrong

You will have 12 days from the issuing of the CAN to notify the Student Centre HECS and Fees Office on 02 8627 8200 if you find any problems on your CAN.

Withdrawing from a unit of study paid for using FEE HELP

If you have withdrawn prior to the Census date you will not be liable for any tuition fee and will not have a loan recorded for that unit of study. If you discontinue after the Census date, you will be liable for the loan for that unit of study.

You can check to see what your liabilities are when your CAN is sent out for Summer or Winter School. Check against the notice that the subject you withdrew from is recorded as withdrawn and no liability is recorded. If you discontinued from a subject, then the CAN will record ‘discontinue’ and there will be a liability recorded against that subject.


Students apply for a refund of fees paid by credit card via the Sydney Student online portal where you manage your student finances. The University's Financial Control area will refund your fees by EFT, provided you have withdrawn on or before the census date for the summer or winter session.

If you chose FEE-HELP and have withdrawn before the census date, then your FEE-HELP is automatically cancelled.