Fees and Payment

Payment due date

Full fee paying students should pay within 4 calendar days of enrolling in a summer or winter unit of study. External students should be pay within 10 calendar days of enrolment. If you cannot pay within this time, please contact The Summer School.

Fee rates

Indicative fee rates are indicated on our website fees page. You will also be advised of the full amount you need to pay when enrolling online.

How to pay

Full Fee Paying Students
Full fee paying students may make upfront payment via one of the listed Payment Methods.

Commonwealth Assisted Students
Eligible domestic student can defer their fees to FEE-HELP.

International Students with University of Sydney Account in Credit
International Students should contact International Services on 02 8627 8300 or email to confirm that their University account is in credit before enrolling in summer or winter units.

Sponsored / AusAID Students
International Students who are recognised by the University of Sydney International Office as Sponsored students (AusAID or government sponsored) should also contact the International Services Office to ensure that the sponsor will pay the invoiced amount for the summer/winter tuition fees by a due date prior to the census date for the unit(s).

Non payment

Summer School staff may withdraw students for non-payment if payment of tuition fees is not made within 4 calendar days (continuing students) or 10 calendar days (external students) of enrolment.

Domestic students who do not submit a valid FEE HELP form within the payment deadline may be withdrawn due to non-payment.


HECS-HELP is not available at Summer and Winter School. Commonwealth legislation does not allow for HECS places at these sessions.

All subjects in Summer/Winter School are either full-fee places or are offset by using FEE-HELP if you are an eligible domestic student.


Please click here for information about Summer and Winter School refunds.