Prerequisites and Permissions

What is a prerequisite?

A prerequisite is a unit of study that needs to be completed before another unit can be attempted.

Can I enrol if I do not have the pre-requisites for the subject?

Continuing, University of Sydney degree students who are missing pre-requisites or would like to select a unit of study from outside their standard course or program, are required to submit a Special Permission request online through the Sydney Student portal via myuni. All requests will be considered on an academic basis, but you should be aware that units offered in Summer School are subject to quotas and it is not always possible to accommodate every request.

New, commencing students, from outside the University of Sydney, are required to meet essential academic prerequisites and we ask you to please Please ensure that you upload all supporting documents with your online application for assessment by Summer/Winter School staff.

What happens if I cannot get permission?

Prerequisites not met: If permission is not granted to waive prerequisites, then you will not be permitted to enrol and your Summer/Winter School enrolment will be withdrawn.

Subject not associated with your degree: If permission is not granted to count your subject towards your degree, then you will be enrolled as a non-award student. Please note that FEE HELP is not available for non-award study. If you do not wish to pursue your application if permission is not granted then you must withdraw from the unit at your online enrolment portal.

Are there any avenues for appeal if I don’t get permission?

When permission is granted it is done so according to Faculty rules for cross- listing units outside of your course list, or for waiving prerequisites. If your request for permission is declined, then you may not enrol in your chosen summer/winter unit(s). If this is the case, then you are welcome to transfer into another unit for which you are eligible.