Summer and Winter School results

Results for summer and winter units of study are submitted by the standard process at the relevant faculty for reporting results to the Student Centre. You can view your results online at the Sydney Student portal by navigating to My Studies, then Assessments. You access Sydney Student via myuni.

Please refer to the University's unit of study results information, noting that Summer and Winter School publish their results at different times to the semester 1 and 2 results reporting dates. The Student Centre provides information on the session dates for our four sessions: S2NWMA/Winter Main; S1NSEA/Summer early; S1NSMA/Summer main; S1NSLA/Summer late.

Please note, your summer/winter unit of study co-ordinator will forward finished results to be approved at faculty by the Head of Department or School responsible for the unit of study, so result submission to the Student Centre can be a number of weeks after the last assessment date for a unit.