Summer timetables

Where to find summer/winter timetables

You can find timetable information, including venues, for your unit of study at the Subjects page.

Please note that this is the only summer timetable resource: Students are not sent their timetables by the Student Centre as per semester 1 and 2.

Chages to summer/winter timetables

Timetables and venues may change so please continue to check the subjects page during the session for any changes, additional classes, or assessment requirement updates.

Where to find summer/winter exam timetables

Exam timetable information is also found at the Subjects page under each unit of study. Please check this information 24 hours prior to your exam in case the venue is changed.

Avoid timetable clashes

Students should ensure that they do not choose summer units with timetables that clash because attendance is required at all classes for a summer unit. Please check the unit information closely at the outset to ensure that this does not happen.

What to do if exam times clash

Students are advised to choose units of study that do not have exam clashes. If it is necessary to choose units that do have exam clashes, for good reasons, then students are advised to email the unit coordinator to request arrangements for sitting the exam at a different date. Students should also notify the Summer School office by email if you are seeking this special arrangement.