What happens if the class is full when I put in my application?

You will be added to the waitlist, according to the date and time of your application.

How long will I be on the waitlist?

You will remain on the waitlist until a place becomes available. Places become available when an enrolled student withdraws or the Department assigns additional places.

Where am I on the waitlist?

You can log in to the Registration Centre and view your status to see your position on the waitlist.

How will I know if I move from the waitlist to a place in the class?

You will see this immediately when you view your status online at the Registration Centre, so you should check every day. We will email you when you are offered a place in the class. However, as email can be unreliable, the safest way to monitor your waitlist progress and offer is to log in and check every day.

Do I pay if I am on the waitlist?

You do not need to pay when you are on the waitlist. When you receive a waitlist offer, you will have 48 hours to provide full payment (after which time your offer lapses and the place is offered to the next student on the waitlist).

However, you may choose to provide payment for your waitlisted unit in advance, for example, if you will be away from Sydney during the enrolment period. In such cases, your acceptance of the waitlist offer is automatic.

If you do not get a place your fee is fully refunded, or you may keep it in your student account to go towards further semester fees.